Student-Led Out-of-School


Professional Development + Curriculum

Theory + Practice

Our Theory + Practice programs are student-led initiatives in which the students work together to decide on and execute their own projects in the community. They are guided through the process of (1) creating a clear vision for the world they want and deserve and (2) using STEAM to develop projects that support their vision, and (3) connecting with the community and grassroots organizations to implement the projects.


of students in TxP developed a solution to an unmet need in the community."


of students believe they are leaders in their community.

TxP Programs

Build 'Em Up

Build 'Em Up is a coding and robotics program for 3rd-5th grade girls and non-binary youth. They use coding and robotics to identify and develop solutions to issues in the community.

Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick is a health justice program for 2nd-5th grade students. Students learn about horticulture as they cultivate an urban farm and cook tasty and fresh foods. They work together to use these skills and help feed the community.

The Bloom Initiative

The Bloom Initiative is a creative design class. Third through sixth grade students learn a variety of skills such as graphic design, photography, and storytelling. They collaborate with one another to use these design skills to identify and address unmet needs in the community.

STTF Program Framework


Program development and implementation via thematic student-led out of school programs


Refining our approach through school-based programming


Scaling our impact through professional development, curricula, research, and more

Theory + Practice

30 students served

Planting the Seed

~1500 students served weekly

For the Greater Good

~200 educators served