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30000+ students served this year

Our mission is to inspire, motivate and support Black and brown elementary and middle school youth as they create the futures they want and deserve.
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Who are we?

Using STEAM, we support Black and Latinx youth as they develop solutions to real world problems such as climate change, public safety, and poverty.

Youth develop creativity, problem solving, and collaboration skills as they see how a variety of STEAM pathways can be used to create the future they deserve.


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Our Approach

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Black and Latinx voices must be amplified in problem solving.

The “grand challenges” of our time—providing clean water, controlling carbon emissions, designing new medicines, and securing cyberspace—all require STEM-based solutions and disproportionately impact Black and Latinx communities.

Hands-on science gets neglected in high-poverty elementary schools.

Students in these schools are much less likely than their peers in wealthier schools to experience hands-on activities in science. More than half miss out on these critical opportunities to build early interest and mastery.

Teachers in high-poverty schools are largely underfunded.

Only 44 percent of fourth-graders in the highest-poverty schools, compared with 61 percent of their peers in the lowest-poverty schools, have teachers who report having “all” or “most” of the resources they need to teach STEM.



Students are looking at their community and using STEAM to impact the future. Students are empowered to understand they can make a difference

- Principal, Alta Loma Elementary


You really care about us. You ask for our opinions instead of telling us how things are.

- Student, Theory+Practice


This class taught me how to think differently! I love this class so much. Now I do 3D design on the weekend.

- Student, Vox Collegiate